We are Apple Experts

Here at IT Elite we pride ourselves on being able to fix anything. You better believe this includes Apple Computers.  While computers like the MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac are fantastically reliable computers they still require maintenance and repair services.

Do you have a Question Mark flashing on your screen?  We can fix that.

MacBook flashing folder

Do you have no power or a black screen on start up? We can fix that.

Macbook Pro Black Screen

Do you have a broken screen or broken front glass? We can fix that.

MacBook Cracked Screen

How about a liquid spill? We have seen every type of liquid spill damage you can imagine. We can repair the damage done for often as low as 1/10th the price of Apple.  We specialize in micro-soldering and component level repair.  Unlike most shops, we don’t just throw your logic board in the trash and charge you $1000 for a new one. We take the board out and under a microscope replace the chips, resistors, capacitors, diodes, and other damaged components.

Macbook Pro Logic Board Repair

This means your Apple Laptop or Desktop will be as good as new (often better) for a fraction of the price you will pay from Apple, and other less capable shops.

Here comes the best part. We do this all on a No Fix – No Fee Model.   This means we will diagnose and quote for free.  You dont pay anything until the repair is completed.   So call, email, or stop in today. What do you have to lose?