Off Site Data Storage

Your data is very important, even the best backup system will be useless in case of theft or disaster. With our automated backup system, your files will be securely sent to a server miles away. This ensures your data is safe, secure, and available for your recovery anytime you need it.

Off Site Data Backup
Computer Disaster Recovery
Malware and Virus Removal


Breakins and thefts are getting more common everyday. The servers and computers can be replaced, but all the insurance in the world isnt going to bring back the data.

You can bet that a thief will take as much as they can carry. More often than not this includes your back up drives.

Having an offsite backup means that your data is always secure and available to you anytime.


Computers and fires do not mix.

Did you know that the temperature in your server room can get high enough to damage your hard drives even of the fire is in another room?

What about a flood? A flood damaged drive requires extensive data recovery techniques to restore your data.

Why even worry aboout it? Have an up to date copy miles away, just waiting for you.

Malware and Virus

Modern malware is getting more complex all the time.

A very common type will encrypt all your data in a matter of minutes without you even realizing it. This makes the data completely unrecoverable.  One mistake by one person on your network can damage the files and backups on any server they can connect to.

The off site backup is completely seperate and cannot be affected by malicious programs liek this. Simply restore from your backup, and you are back in business.