Hardware Repair

IT Elite performs repairs on all types of devices. Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet, you name it. Everything from simple repairs to board level and component level soldering. 

Computer Repair

power jack repair

We repair computers every day. Any problem you are having, we have seen before. Repairs such as screen replacements or broken power jacks can be completed in no time, for a lot less than you think. 

Smartphone and Tablet Repair

iPhone screen replacement

Phones and tablets are a lot more fragile than they use to be. An accidental drop can leave your screen cracked, and render your device useless.Let us replace the screen and repair the damage. 

Low Level Repair

iPhone Logic Board Repair

We are capable of performing board and component level repairs of any electronic device. We are equipped to handle Through-Hole Soldering as well as Surface Mount Soldering.