In Shop Service

We pride ourselves on being able to fix anything. Our shop is equipped with all the tools and equipment needed to diagnose and repair any type of consumer electronic device. We fix Computers and Televisions every day, and never turn away any electronic device repair that comes in the door. This has included game consoles, arcade machines, automotive ECUs, and many other one off repairs that you will simply not get anywhere else.

Our investment into testing and repair equipment means that we can quickly diagnose any fault and perform cost effective repairs within hours of receiving the device.
Some notable equipment includes:
Amscope SE-400Z Stereo Assembly Microscope – 20X
Microsoldering Iron and Hot Air Rework Station.
High Frequency Digital Oscilloscope
Digital and Analog Multimeters
Precision Current Limited DC Digital Power Supply
Precision Current Limited DC Analog Power Supply
PCB Inspection Microscope (up to 1000X Magnification)
Branson Ultrasonic Cleaning System
i2c EEPROM Reader and Programer
SPI BIOS EEPROM Reader and Programer
Multi-Function Signal and Function Generator
Transistor and FET Tester
Capacitor ESR Tester

Boyertown Microsoldering

Board View and Schematic Workstation with access to hundreds of Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone devices.

Board View and Schematic

We also do extensive Data Recovery in shop. This is done at a level that your standard computer repair shop simply is not equipped or skilled to perform. We feature sector level drive cloning that guarantees a 99% or better forensic level drive clone. This means that in almost all cases your failed drive can be copied to a new drive with 100% of your data intact. This is applicable to all sizes of traditional Hard Drives, as well as Solid State and other Flash Memory Drives.
In the event of a full hardware failure, we utilize a complete set of Head Combs ( for drive head replacement) that are compatible with all currently produced hard drives and many others that are no longer in production.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Our shop also houses a comfortable waiting area where customers are always welcome to wait for their repair.

Customer Area

In addition we have a meeting/presentation room with a digital projection system and 55″ HD monitor.

Presentation Room

When it comes to any diagnosis and repair, there is really no better choice. To put it simply, Let us handle it.