Surveillance and Security Cameras

High Definition 24/7 Video Recording

A full HD 1920×1080 security camera. The detail on these cameras are incredible, both in day and night. IP-66 All Weather rated. Can be mounted anywhere.  A wide angle lense ensures you will see everything and anything.

Common systems include a 24/7 recording HD DVR and from 4 to 16 cameras.

Private web services ensure you can view you cameras from anywhere in the world any time, securely and easily.

iPhone and Android Apps available

Motion detection and alarm sensors can be configured to send an email, or even a text message directly to your phone as soon as an event occurs.

Why speculate on why your alarm system went off, when in a few moments you can see your entire property in vivid detail.

Just the simple presence of surveillance camera has been proven to be an extremely effective crime deterrent

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