Voip and Telecom

IT Elite install and maintain all types of Phone systems. This includes standard copper phone line based system as well as IP based and Private Branch Exchange Systems.

Phone Systems

Phone System

Whether it is running cable for new extension, swapping extension numbers, cable punchdown, or anything else, we are here for you.  

IP Based Systems

IP Phone System

IP based Phone systems are getting more common every day. They tend to cost less in the long run, and far more capable than typical landline phones. They can be connected via standard computer networks to a local phone server, or even to a cloud based phone system. While they can be more expensive as an initial investment, the minimal cost for internet based phone service will pay for itself in no time. 

Private Branch Exchange

PBX System

A PBX is the ultimate way to manage your phone calls. You have complete control of every aspect of your phone system. Modern systems are network enabled and can be managed from a simple PC to configure things that used to be a huge hassle. Such as setting extension names and numbers, setting voicemail greetings, configure ring groups and departments, configure hold queue and priorities.

Beyond the simple configuration aspect, you can now have extensions forwarded to cell phones, get voicemails sent your email, transfer calls between buildings (anywhere in the world), and so much more.

ANNOUNCEMENTS, greetings, and music

In addition to installation and configuration of phone systems, we can also provide professionally created and produced content. This includes greetings, announcements and even custom hold music.  All content is full customized to your needs, and music royalty free. No monthly or yearly fees, you own the content now and forever.  

Hold Music Sample