Web Design

A few examples of our Website Design Work.

Berks Mont Menus
Berks Mont Menus is a very simple Wordpress based website. It utilizes the common, and easy to use Posting functionality. This enables content to be added and updated quickly, and easily with no programming knowledge needed. Great for those who just want to get the information out there, without flashy graphics and layouts. SSL Encrypted to ensure a safe and secure browsing experience.
Blue Springs Patio
Blue Springs Patio Furniture is an eCommerce Site. It is based on the Wordpress and Woocommerce framework
Deploy Point of Sale
Deploy Point of Sale is a completely free Point of Sale System. Deploy is cloud based and compatible with any device with a web browser. Premium plans with premium features are available as well.
Makezee - Making, Made Easy
Makezee is an advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace. Vendors of all sizes can sign up to sell their services, and each get their own Storefront and Profile. It handles all payments and order management on-site. Customer interaction is simple and can be managed by users of any skill level. SSL encrypted for the security and safety of everyone using Makezee.
Northeast Laser Toner
Northeast Laser Toner is based on the Magento Framework. Utilizing a full shopping cart system as well as customizable content pages, it makes for an easy to use shopping system as well as a user friendly Content Management System. The site is secured with SSL to ensure safety when entering payment information.
Ottawa Machine Inc
Ottawa Machine Inc is designed to be part of a strong web presence for a machine shop that has been operating in Ottawa Illinois for more than 25 years. It is based on a Wordpress framework and highly optimized for effective search appearance.
Real Mac Mods
Real Mac Mods is redesign of a former Wix based website. The general layout and content was rebuilt using an advanced Wordpress base. It has a shopping cart system, embedded video and pdf. A lot of informative content pages, and is of course SSL encrypted to provide a secure shopping experience.