Data Recovery

Any device, any condition, get it to IT Elite now to get your data recovered.

Hard Drive, Solid State Drive, Flash Drive, SD and Camera cards.

We are equiped to recover any kind of data from any kind of memory.

Hard Drive Data Recovery
Hard Drive Data Recovery

We recover deleted files and failed hard drives every day.

You may think the drive has failed beyond recovery, but let the experts take a look at it, you may be suprised at how much of a difference  the right tools and techniques can make.

Operating System Recovery
Any Operating System

Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, iOS, Android.

You name it, we can recover it. Most data recovery services wont work on alternative operating systems because all they do is run the same simple Windows recovery software that you can use yourself (often for free). We go to a much deeper level for our recovery. We recover all the data, not just pick and choose the easy files.

Hard Drive Repair
Physical Drive Repair

Hard Drives are electrical and mechanical devices. When it fails, it is either electrical or mechanical, plain and simple. In order to get your important data we will replace the failed parts of the drive. Most times after the correct repair is done, 100% of your data can be recovered in a matter of minutes. It isn’t the easy way, but it is the correct way to perform data recovery. 

Server Data Recovery
Server Data Recovery

Server Drives work hard and fail often. Luckily most systems have built in redundancy, but what if yours doesn’t? One failed drive in multi-drive server can cause the entire system to fail. Let us recover the data from that single drive and bring your entire server back to life. No reconfiguring, no reinstalling, no data loss. Just your system up and running, just like it was before the failure. 

Rates and Fees

Unlike many data recovery services, we operate on a No Fix – No Fee model.  This means, once we take on the job, you don’t pay anything until your data is recovered.

This means there is absolutely no reason not to bring your device in for a free assessment. A data recovery expert will diagnose your situation, and provide you a quote for recovery.

Level 1 Recovery


This recovery level is largely reserved for “Logical” recoveries. Typically in this case, your device is corrupted or otherwise damaged in such a a way that a normal computer cannot read it. It requires some type of software repair, and data can be retrieved in a few hours.

Level 2 Recovery


This recovery level is for devices with failing hardware. In most cases it will be a hard drive with many bad sectors that require many recovery passes, and data to manually reassembled. Also falling into this level would be electronic faults. Recoveries that involve PCB replacement, Firmware Corruption, and other low level software intervention.

Level 3 Recovery


This recovery level encompasses everything else. High risk procedures such as Head Replacements and Platter Swaps will be covered. This also includes IC and Controller IC replacement on Solid State Drives.

Call, Email, or just bring your device to our Boyertown Offices to get your recovery started today.