Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Any device, any condition, get it to IT Elite now to get your data recovered. Hard Drive, Solid State Drive, Flash Drive, SD and Camera cards. We are equipped to recover any kind of data from any kind of memory.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Most times after the correct repair is done, 100% of your data can be recovered in a matter of minutes. It isn’t the easy way, but it is the correct way to perform data recovery. Our success rates for hard drive data recovery are extremely high, and our prices are often less than 1/3rd of the competition.

SSD Data Recovery

Solid State Drives are becoming that new standard for all desktop and laptop computers. They are much faster and much more reliable than mechanical hard drives.  The only major downside is that when they fail, they can be more difficult to recover data successfully. We are able to recover these and do it everyday.

USB and SD Data Recovery

They are relatively fragile and it is easy to snap the usb port off. Luckily all this does is snap off 4 (relatively) large data and power pins. In most cases it is simple to connect wires to what is left of the pads, connect to a recovery device and get absolutely everything. In the event this is not possible we can remove the memory chip and pull the data directly from that.  It may not seem like it from looking at it, but a broken USB drive is one of the easier jobs we see.

Phone Data Recovery

We are equipped to recover data from any iPhone or Android device in any condition.  This can include broken screens and other physical damage, as well as liquid damage.

Drop off your device

No appointment needed. Just stop in during normal business hours. Our Boyertown shop is open from 10AM – 4PM weekdays and 12PM – 4PM Saturday.

Diagnosis and Quote

We will quickly determine the problem with your device and provide you a repair quote. You can choose to accept the quote and move forward with the repair. If you decide you do not want to repair the device, you can pick it up at no cost to you.

Take it Home and Enjoy

Pick up your device during normal business hours or call to schedule a convenient pickup time. We stand behind our repairs. If you have any questions after taking it home, just give us a call we will gladly help you through any additional set up.