Television Repair

When your television breaks you may wonder “Where do i get a TV fixed?”

In these days of almost disposable electronics, you may think “Where can i find TV repair near me?”

The answer is simple. Bring it to IT Elite in Boyertown. We have been repairing televisions and other electronics since long before LCD and Plasma flat screen TVs were even a thing.

In most cases we can have your fully working TV back home within 24-48 hours. Sometimes even less. Our  Chief Engineer can often tell you exactly what is wrong with your television based the model number, a quick explanation of the issue and his years of experience.

We repair all types and brands of TV.
LCD, LED, Plasma, Projection.

You may very surprised to find out how inexpensively your TV can be repaired. Nine times out of ten, it is one or two simple components that have failed inside the television causing the whole set to fail. We will remove the defective or damaged component, replace it with a brand new one, and you will be up and running for (typically) about 1/10th the cost of a new TV (even by today’s low TV prices).  

Boyertown TV repair

Call or stop in today for a completely free diagnosis and estimate. If you don’t want to fix it, you owe nothing. If we can’t fix it, you owe nothing.

If you aren’t able to bring it in, call and schedule a pickup.

We stock replacement parts for Samsung, LG, Phillips, Vizio, Insignia, Westinghouse, Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, and many other brands.
This means that in most cases we can have your television repaired within 24 hours.

Common issues and pricing

Not turning on at all: Typically an issue in the power supply. While many shops will quote you a price for the entire power supply, we check every component to determine what is at fault. Depending on which component and how many are damaged, this repair will range from $20 to $200, typically. We maintain a vast stock of components and are likely  to have a suitable replacement on hand for any defective component we find.

Has sound, but no picture: In the older televisions (older than 5 years) this is often a main board issue. In many cases poor solder connections on the main video processing chip is at fault. We remove the poor quality solder and replace it with a more suitable high quality alloy. 
In newer televisions this is often an LED backlight issue.  Your TV has a backlight array of many Light Emitting Diodes. In most configurations one burnt out LED is enough to shut down the entire array, in others it may be tolerant up to 5 before shutting down. Our process is to test every LED on the array and replace anything out of spec. This repair will range from $50 to $160 for common brand name televisions.

Lines or other unusual patterns on screen: This can be many things. The cheapest of them can simply be a dirty cable. Many televisions use copper plated cables, these cables will tarnish when exposed to oxygen (like a penny does). You will be amazed at how many image issues can be resolved with an ultrasonic cleaning in the appropriate solvents.
Beyond this, we get into TCON board issues. In the case of TCON board issues,  the solution is typically to replace the board or the chips on the board.  Ranging from $50 to $150 in most cases.

Cracked screen: Cracked screens are typically not economical to repair. These screens are extremely fragile and tend be extremely expensive to source and ship. We do have many replacement screens in stock, but the compatibility is often very limited. Feel free to call and we can reference our available stock to your model number.  Pricing varies sending on screen required. 

What do you have to lose?