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At IT Elite we repair Apple iPhones and iPads every day. Some common repairs we do include screen and glass replacement, battery replacement, charging port replacement, and dock connector replacement. That being said, we go well beyond the standard repairs you will get at the Apple store. This includes board level and component level soldering and repair. This means that under high magnification we can replace individual chips, resistors, capacitors, fuses, filters, etc. to get your phone up and running again.

iPhone repair Boyertown
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Android Phone Repair
IT Elite works on any brand smartphone.More info to be added shortly.
Common Repair Costs
Common Repair Costs
More info to be added shortly.
Some happy customers
“I was having a lot of issues taking off over 2500 photos/videos from my iPhone to a flash drive. Once again took it to Adam at IT Elite Computer Service and within a day had my pictures and videos on a flash drive in folders. He makes everything so easy. I would highly recommend him and his services to everyone! Super approachable and highly knowledgable!” – Jana Ellixson (Boyertown)
“Adam saved my phone! My iPhone suddenly blacked out, nothing would turn on, the USB connection wasn’t recognized and I stupidly didn’t have my phone backed up. Adam fixed the phone and backed up 2000 pictures of my kids in an afternoon. I previously spent an hour on the phone and 2 hrs at the Apple store for them to tell me there was nothing they could do. I would highly recommend him for any type of data recovery and repair. I would have lost all these memories without him!” – Melissa C. (Boyertown)
“Adam repaired my Samsung s7 back cover and it looked brand new. Also a bar right across the street while I waited. Thanks Adam ” – David Marsh (Gilbertsville)