Some happy customers
“I was having a lot of issues taking off over 2500 photos/videos from my iPhone to a flash drive. Once again took it to Adam at IT Elite Computer Service and within a day had my pictures and videos on a flash drive in folders. He makes everything so easy. I would highly recommend him and his services to everyone! Super approachable and highly knowledgable!” – Jana Ellixson (Boyertown)
“Adam saved my phone! My iPhone suddenly blacked out, nothing would turn on, the USB connection wasn’t recognized and I stupidly didn’t have my phone backed up. Adam fixed the phone and backed up 2000 pictures of my kids in an afternoon. I previously spent an hour on the phone and 2 hrs at the Apple store for them to tell me there was nothing they could do. I would highly recommend him for any type of data recovery and repair. I would have lost all these memories without him!” – Melissa C. (Boyertown)
“Adam repaired my Samsung s7 back cover and it looked brand new. Also a bar right across the street while I waited. Thanks Adam ” – David Marsh (Gilbertsville)